Slight Setback

On Friday for Halloween, I attempted to put on some fake eyelashes. It was a huge chore and I ended up with sore eyes, glue on my eyelashes and late for work as I removed my attempts, washed and washed and washed around the eyes trying to remove the glue.

I must have irritated my eye area and awoke this morning to nice batched of impetigo underneathe both eyes pretty damn close to both eyes.

So I emailed my boss, drove to work and downloaded and grabbed the files I need in order to work from home for the next couple of days. The breakout is new so exceedingly itchy and my eyes are gritty and sore.

I also have a batch in my nose (this seems to be common for me in the last 6 months or so), two cold sores and a batch of impetigo in the corner of my mouth.

I am oh so sexay :)

I am trying not to go to the doc’s…though I may go to a walkin to get some biaxin depending on how it looks tomorrow. I have Fucidin but lately it takes the biaxin to get my breakouts under control.

So needless to say, no workouts today…nothing like having salty sweat irritating your already irritated skin! I did grab some heallthy food on my home from my quick work stop this morning. A nice big salad, some chicken bacon, a couple of eye of round steaks and two potatoes. Yum!

I think I have to make an appointment for Bruiser to see his vet. He will not stop licking his injured area and making it worse. I am putting ointment on it but he licks it off. Poor guy and my poor wallet! I wonder if I have spent my limit on my pet policy yet, to get money back.

I cooked tonight. Yes…cooked! I had an eye of round (steak), a baked potato and some peas. I don’t think I’ve cooked a full meal like that in like a year, isn’t that pathetic? I’m normally a frozen dinner kind of girl. I can cook but I find it boring for just one person.

But I must say, it was delish and I should do it more often.