The Next Level

I managed to cross the 190’s threshold down to the 180’s yesterday and I still saw 188.4lbs on the scale this morning so I will take it. That is 4lbs down for the week. Now if it were always this easy I’d be down my extra 40lbs in 10 weeks, in time for the new year, but alas we all know it is not all rainbows and butterflies on this journey.

So today the plan is to eat well throughout the day and I already know what I’m having for dinner (dinner with a certain someone). I am working today so I made sure I brought along with me a frozen dinner for lunch.

Tomorrow should be easy with lots of walking my Jackie as we are heading to Toronto to go to the National Women’s Show - we went last year and had quite a bit of fun together.

The plan for the new week coming - exercise! I would love to get up at least 30min earlier than normal and do a quick jaunt on the treadmill but I’m being realistic and as long as I get in 30-45min at night, M-F I will be happy with that. I have the treadmill and TaeBo tapes to use.

Well, I should work - I just wanted to update my blog with my current weight du jour.