Day 5 of OWJ

I am finally back at work. Though still not working! I am currently backing up my mac and yes, it has so far taken most of the morning. In fact I still have at least another 45 minutes to go. I need to keep stuff on the accounting server and not on my harddrive! Lesson learned :)

Last night I got the munchies and instead of grabbing something bad (not that there is anything in the house currently that can be ‘bad’), I heated up a tuna steak. I then had an apple and bit of trpical trail mix. I probably could have forgone the trail mix. But it wasn’t chips or chocolate so it was victory in a small way. I must say though that I am impressed I am eating apples.

My weight is remaining constant at 191lbs which so far is a loss of 1.4lbs this week, which is not bad considering it is just food I have decreased, no exercise yet. The weekend should be another good weeken as I wll not be home and ‘bored’.

Have to start on getting my water in…currently I’m drinking only coffee and coke zero. If they made water taste like coke zero I could easily get in 8 cups, LOL.

I’m Too Sexay

I have been working from home because of my blobs of impetigo but today hit a wall in that area as my mac decided to eat all the apps…yes, we go issues! I immediately emailed my IT support and they gave me something to try that they hoped worked, else I was in big doo-doo. Yep, big doo-doo.

I’m going to go into work tomorrow to swap laptops for a loaner and even with the blobs stay at work and work as I have deadlines…things to get done that others work from so I don’t want to delay them either and today’s mac failure put me behind.

Obviously no exercise yet but I have been super good on my food and the scale is showing me my efforts are not going unnoticed. I have been eating cereal for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch or more cereal (while I’m at home) and soup/salad for supper. Yesterday, when I got hungry inbetween meals, I had an apple. For a night snack I had a bit of tropical trail mix and put it away when I realized I had eaten past my need and was eating then just for taste.

As for Bruiser - he’s doing okay. I did wrap his foot and put some ointment on it yesterday. He wouldn’t leave it alone if I wasn’t keeping him busy and at the end of day took it off so it could breathe. He attacked it with a vengeance with his tongue but soon fell asleep. This morning I rewrapped and he has barely touched it.

Looks like Jackie and I are heading to the National Women’s Home Show this weekend. We had fun last year going to this and left with tons of freebies and a good afternoon together. That will be some exercise…walking around for hours and it keeping both of us from food :)