Sunday Ramblings

I didn’t get to go to the National Women’s Show today - Jackie had a family emergency and I’m not one to do things on my own like that. Plus it was wonderful to sleep in :)

Today I was watching HGTV while I was cleaning the apartment and Ty Pennington’s Extreme Makeover and like they seem to do quite a bit (Disney vacations anyone?), they sent a family of 7 to Florida while their home was getting built. They also managed to secure university scholarships for 5 of the children, it was pretty cool to see a family taken care of in this way, one who works at taking care of others before themselves.

So yes, I did some heavy cleaning today, bleached the tub, floor and managed to even get in a nice nap.

The dog bopped me in the nose today, super hard. It started pouring blood (first ever for me) and I heard it ‘pop’ when it happened and could have sworn it broke. But besides a dull ache I’ve had since…it appears to be okay.

Now it is 1040pm and I’m gonna call it a night.