US Exchange

I’m waiting on a certain individual to let me know if las vegas is a go. He’s got to see if he can get the two days off of work (normally no vacations allowed in December) and then will let me know. I’m quite excited. It will only be 4 days but it shall be fun and I’ve always wanted to see “The Strip”. I

‘m going to go open a US account tomorrow as I will have have close to $400US by end of day tomorrow in it and instead of exchanging it and then rebuying for vegas and losing 5cents on the dollar between the selling/buying, he who must not be named, noted I should just open a US account. That will be by spending money down there.

Tomorrow I am dressing up for Hallowe’en to go to work. I am going to be a ladybug. The dress is oddly shaped. I ordered a plus size and it is large on me, but because of the material of the dress, it keeps it’s shape even if you don’t fill it’s shape. So instead of me being 3 feet wide (LOL) with the dress on I am almost 5…so yeah, after I post this I have to see if I can take it in by hand so I don’t feel so wide, LOL.

As for Operation: Winter Jacket - starts on Saturday - I will either talk about it tomorrow even or Saturday - but it WILL begin. Billy is waiting on me!