Sunday Stuff

Someone has decided to do some drilling of some sort in the apartment above me, Bruiser is going bonkers! I feel like I am siamese to a dog as he is laying/sitting right up against me like a new appendage.

I am seriously contemplating picking up some alli while I am in the states. I would like something that helps stop me from putting crap into my yap. Yes, I should be able to do that but if I know I’m gonna be living on the toilet if I eat that cookie or timbit…well to me that sounds like a good starting point.

Vegas in 3 days…I should be excited but I’m not. It will be fun spending four days with J, but I’m looking forward to feeling fat and frumpy around all the tall, beautiful, fit, women that live in Vegas.

Cookie Help!

I am not a cook. I can cook, but I don’t. Now baking is another story - I cannot bake. I mean I can ruin pre-mixed muffins! But I’ve decided to join in our works Christmas Cookie Exchange. I need to make 6 dozen…

What is your favourite, easy and non-screw-upable cookie recipe?

Thanks in advance!

Vegas in a Week

Sorry for the silence, just been not in a mood to blog. That doesn’t mean that I’m feeding my face, etc or busy with J, but work is super busy and by the time I get home I just want to veg. I’ve been to training, a conference working 10-14 hour days, and at various jasminlive meetings. So by the end of the day I’m dead.

I’m pretty much brain dead and I’m hoping that the mini-vaca to Vegas will renew me. I cannot wait to see all of the digital signage I know I’m gonna be in awe of all the bright lights and beautiful people. Nothing like Vegas to make me want to diet!

I will get back to regular posting…I have a product to try and write about, just waiting for it to arrive - this should interest anyone who hates the scale and the numbers.

Magic Eight Ball

I played pool tonight for the first time ever and had a blast (work pool tourney). I think if I played for a while on I could become quite good! I got in at 10pm and have been scouring prices for Las Vegas ever since as Vegas is a go. I’m pooped. Going to bed! I think this is my shortest update ever!

Wednesday (I hate titles)

I just finished my final day of Crystal Reports training to be used with our payroll software and now I am all excited about the possibilities - yes I am a geek :)

Anyways, I have a slight sinus headache made worse I think by the almost broken nose I got on Sunday by Bruiser. Now my nose is sore and my sinus headaches I’m getting also come with a dull ache of the nasal cavity…I love getting old.

I didn’t get to bed last night until almost 12:30am, yes I am still quite tired from the sleepless night on Monday. I cannot wait to sleep in on Saturday :)

Back to the chaturbate office tomorrow, I have SOOO much to do.

I’m still wishing that dietpills worked…I’m tired of having to watch everything that enters my yap :)

The Man In My Life

So last night did not go as planned, for either he or I. Bruiser has decided only he should be the man in my life and annoyed both myself and ‘he’. I barely got any sleep last night, not because I had a wild night of passionate sex (LOL) but because I ended up on the couch trying to get Bruiser to go to sleep and stop growling…this went on almost ALL night.

I left ‘he’ in my bedroom to sleep, he had a Doc appointment at 725am and I felt so bad for him. I was embarrassed completely and quite annoyed at my dog.

Getting up this morning was HELL, I think I may have gotten 60-70min of sleep total. I was travelling to get some training on Crystal Reports today (and tomorrow) so there was no sleeping in and going to work a bit later. I must say though…had tons of fun at training - yes I’m a geek.

I came home just before 5pm and tried to get some sleep to no avail. I hope to get a good night’s sleep tonight, so far it is 930pm and my brain is not yet ready to call it a night. Soon I hope, soon.